Collaborative Documents for Sessions

Find the relevant session to begin editing and sharing ideas:

1:00pm (Room 503A) – How Did the Build That?

1:00pm (Room 503B) – Performance & DH

2:00pm (Room 503A) – Pedagogy/Teaching/Essays

3:00pm (Room 503A) – Lib DH/Community/Infrastructure

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Session Proposal: How did they make that?

I think the “How did they make that?” resource that Miriam Posner created is a great way to approach DH projects and tools. I wonder if we could model a session around it – – look at some projects and share some resources to learn more about the tools and skillsets involved.

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Schedule Information

THATCamp Kansas will take place on Friday, September 13 in Watson Library.

See detailed schedule of all sessions (to be scheduled on the day of the event itself):

Schedule Overview

8:00 – 8:30: Watson 3 West: coffee and refreshments, voting on session proposals

8:30 – 9:00: Watson 3 West: Welcoming remarks, session discussions and scheduling

9:00 – noon: THATCamp sessions  | Juxta workshop (Watson 455)

noon – 1:00pm – Lunch (on your own)

1:00pm – 4:00pm: THATCamp sessions  |  Playing With Sound workshop (Watson 455)

4:30pm – 5:00pm: Watson 3 West: Lightning talks

5:00pm  – 6:00pm: Watson 3 West: Keynote Talk: Linking big data to fine analysis: the challenge of textual methods in the digital humanities (Colin Allen)

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Session Proposal: Encoding Bibliographies

(Proposal from Dawn Childress).
Anyone interested in helping create an XML (TEI) schema and/or RDF ontologies/vocabularies for encoding bibliographies for the web? We are working on a “black box” solution for scholars wanting to publish bibliographies to the web and the first step is to create schema and ontologies that can serve as the input and organization base for the data. We are wanting to create a schema, ontologies, vocabularies that can accommodate all types of bibliographies and their “added value,” including annotated bibliographies, linked data, and descriptive bibliography. We may not leave the session with a complete schema, but may be able to come up with a substantial list of elements that need to be included. No knowledge of XML needed — just an interest in putting bibliographies on the web!”

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Session Proposal: DH for Literary Studies

(Proposal from Dawn Childress).
What are the DH tools and methods used to study literature? How are these being used and to what end? I’d like to talk with others about the forms that digital literary studies have taken and the underlying methodologies. This could take the form of a “Make” session where we draft an inventory of DH tools and methods used in literary studies with notes on application, context, skills, methodology, etc. For example, what can mapping (topic modeling, text mining, digital editions) do to further scholarship and/or teaching? What is needed to complete a project?

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Session Proposal: Topic Modelling

(Proposal from Dawn Childress).
Can anyone talk about topic modeling in the humanities? I certainly cannot, but would love to hear others talk about their experiences, tools, methods, and projects involving topic modeling. Anyone?

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Session Proposal: Building DH capacity

(Proposal from Dawn Childress).
I would like to explore ways of building local community, capacity, and infrastructure around DH to generate ideas, build competencies, and determine what is needed to support DH work in scholarship and classrooms. We are working now on building such a community at my institution and, while we’ve had a great start with a surprising amount of enthusiasm, we’re still working out what our next steps should be. For example, how do we keep the momentum going? What do we need to get humanists working together (and learning together)? What are good “beginner” projects and methods to get folks interested and serve as examples? How do we determine what tools/methods should be supported to meet the needs of the majority? What are some solutions to hosting/customization problems? How do we maintain the focus on scholarship in DH projects? Lots of questions — let’s get together and discuss!

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Some session and workshop proposals from the registration form

Here are some of the session and workshop proposals listed by participants on their registration form. Feel free to respond in the comments or suggest others in new posts:

  • making a course website: WordPress and beyond
  • Teaching with Omeka
  • Librarian-faculty collaborations on DH projects
  • Using Digital Humanities to Document Artistic Scholarship
  • Digital archives (for video).
  • Data mining of videos.
  • Digital essays.
  • Presenting digital work to academic communities
  • How do libraries and other organizations involved in research data storage, sharing, and analysis pay for these services’ underlying infrastructure?
  • I’d love to learn more about topic modeling if there’s anyone that can offer an introductory session.
  • I would be happy to teach a workshop, but it would be good to know what topics folks are interested in. At my own institution I teach workshops on Omeka, Voyant, Versioning and Collation on the web (Juxta, the Versioning Machine, Mandala browser), and TEI.”
  • Perhaps a workshop on GIS
  • “Data visualization for performing arts”
  • I would love to teach about resilience!
  • “LaTeX document preparation and the new KU Thesis Template?”
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Session Proposal: Data Mining and repositories

I am interested in how repositories can make their materials usable for data mining, as well as information about how people are doing data mining in general.

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