Session Proposal: Building DH capacity

(Proposal from Dawn Childress).
I would like to explore ways of building local community, capacity, and infrastructure around DH to generate ideas, build competencies, and determine what is needed to support DH work in scholarship and classrooms. We are working now on building such a community at my institution and, while we’ve had a great start with a surprising amount of enthusiasm, we’re still working out what our next steps should be. For example, how do we keep the momentum going? What do we need to get humanists working together (and learning together)? What are good “beginner” projects and methods to get folks interested and serve as examples? How do we determine what tools/methods should be supported to meet the needs of the majority? What are some solutions to hosting/customization problems? How do we maintain the focus on scholarship in DH projects? Lots of questions — let’s get together and discuss!

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Associate Librarian for Digital Scholarship at the University of Kansas Libraries, and co-director of KU's Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities.