Some session and workshop proposals from the registration form

Here are some of the session and workshop proposals listed by participants on their registration form. Feel free to respond in the comments or suggest others in new posts:

  • making a course website: WordPress and beyond
  • Teaching with Omeka
  • Librarian-faculty collaborations on DH projects
  • Using Digital Humanities to Document Artistic Scholarship
  • Digital archives (for video).
  • Data mining of videos.
  • Digital essays.
  • Presenting digital work to academic communities
  • How do libraries and other organizations involved in research data storage, sharing, and analysis pay for these services’ underlying infrastructure?
  • I’d love to learn more about topic modeling if there’s anyone that can offer an introductory session.
  • I would be happy to teach a workshop, but it would be good to know what topics folks are interested in. At my own institution I teach workshops on Omeka, Voyant, Versioning and Collation on the web (Juxta, the Versioning Machine, Mandala browser), and TEI.”
  • Perhaps a workshop on GIS
  • “Data visualization for performing arts”
  • I would love to teach about resilience!
  • “LaTeX document preparation and the new KU Thesis Template?”
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Associate Librarian for Digital Scholarship at the University of Kansas Libraries, and co-director of KU's Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities.