Return to the Material Forum

Parallel to our THATCamp, the RETURN TO THE MATERIAL Forum will count with keynote speakers: Colin Allen, Indiana University, Jentery Sayers, University of Victoria and Whitney Trettien, from Duke University.

Recently digital humanities discussions have returned to a focus on the material in many senses. Bethany Nowviskie’s talk at MLA 2013—“Resistance in the Materials” —explored various facets of the material aspects of digital humanities, including the role of craft and collaboration, the “increasing casualization of academic labor,” and the emergence of digital-to-physical technologies. KU’s 2013 Digital Humanities Forum will explore these and related topics in our program “Return to the Material.”

Thursday, September 12 & Friday, September 13
WORKSHOPS: A set of in-depth, hands on workshops on digital humanities tools and topics.

Friday, September 13
THATCamp Kansas: An “unconference” for technologists and humanists, with conversations about topics defined on-site by the participants.

Saturday, September 14
RETURN TO THE MATERIAL: A one-day program of panels and poster sessions showcasing digital humanities projects and research.

Colin Allen, Indiana University
Jentery Sayers, University of Victoria
Whitney Trettien, Duke University

The Forum is free to attend and open to participants beyond KU, but space is limited.

Questions may be directed to the Institute for Digital Research in the Humanities, ude.u1524694006k@hrd1524694006i1524694006

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